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This Remedy Coalition logo contains a line drawing of a female head in profile. In the center of her head, there is a lightbulb that is sending out ideas in curly arrows that look like hair. Your Remedy, Realized logo along with the acronyms: ADA, IDEA, OCR, and 504 are written in text.

The  REMEDY Coalition is dedicated to ensuring that individuals with complex social, emotional, physical, and learning needs have beneficial access to the academic and support services they deserve. Helping to  REMEDY this as soon and as smoothly as possible, our coalition work spans across categories serving students, families, educators, attorneys, doctors, policymakers, and organizations - large and small.

What  REMEDY do you need?

REMEDY Consulting - For Attorneys/Doctors/Educators/Organizations/Policymakers

REMEDY Education - For Parents/Guardians/Students

REMEDY Learning - For Students of All Ages

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