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REMEDY Consulting

Through  REMEDY Consulting, we provide custom training and consultation packages tailored to the specialized roles and functions of attorneys, doctors, educators, organizations, and policymakers.

▶  Custom Packages May Include Any/All of the Following: [AQ]

  Training on ADA, 504, IDEA, CDE, and OCR compliance

  Training on intervention, accommodations, modifications, and universal design

  Training on learning and executive functioning

   Training on writing patient ADA accommodation letters for medical/clinical professionals 

   Training on disability functional impairment for attorneys 

  Training on Child Find obligations [Special Education evaluations for private school students]

  Training on legally defensible meeting facilitation

  Private school disability support program development

 Start to finish operations, policies, procedures, practices, document development, data management, confidentiality, legal compliance, ethical best-practices, inclusion, etc.

  Private and public K-12 and higher education complex case consultation

  Conflict resolution with the individual and organization

  Student & Teacher/Professor(s), Student & Administration, Family & Teacher/Professor(s), Family & Administration, Teacher/Professor & Administration, Teacher/Professor & HR/LR, Clinical/Staff & HR/LR, etc.

  Settlement and/or mediation consultation

  Subject Matter Expert Witness

  Ongoing trainings and/or consultation

▶  Custom Packages Are Provided To Any/All of the Following: [AQ]

   Individual  [1]

  Small Group  [2-10]

  Medium Group  [11-30]

  Large Group  [31-50]

  Conference  [50+]

▶  Custom Packages Are Provided By Any/All of the Following: [AQ]

   On-Site Visit(s)

  Zoom Video-Conference(s)

  Content Module(s) - Established  REMEDY Modules and/or Customized Materials On-Demand

▶  Custom Packages Are Provided Through Any/All of the Following: [AQ]

   Time Based Retainer 

 Guaranteed amount of time with  REMEDY each week/month/year

  Item Based Retainer 

 Guaranteed deliverables (Any/All of the above items) completed by a certain date/time

  Needs Based Retainer

 Guaranteed on-demand support to solve urgent issues as they arise

A comprehensive estimation of costs will be provided prior to the initiation of any contracted services.

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