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REMEDY Learning

▶  Custom Packages May Include Any/All of the Following: [AQ]

  REMEDY Learning Skills and Habits Inventory [Proprietary to  REMEDY]

  Activation, demonstration, application, integration, etc.

  Learning How to Learn - 10xA [Proprietary to  REMEDY]

  The earlier the better, but it is never too late. We regularly work with medical, law, and PhD students.

  Subject Specific Tutoring

  REMEDY contracts with subject specific experts who are skilled in connecting their material to neurodiverse learners. 

  Studying Successfully

  Applies to 1st grade spelling tests and medical boards alike!

  Executive Functioning Skill Integration

  Organization, planning, prioritize, task initiation, task completion, time awareness, time management, etc.

  Capacity Building

  Self-advocacy, self-efficacy, self-awareness, etc.

  Assistive Technology Needs Identification, Training, and Implementation

  Requesting Accommodations

  Standardized testing, public and private K-12, college, career, etc.

  Transitional Support

  Primary to middle, middle to secondary, secondary to college, college to career, etc.

  Guidance in Identifying Best-Fit Schools 

  K-12, college, graduate programs, etc.

  Interview Preparation

  High school, college, career, etc.

A comprehensive estimation of costs will be provided prior to the initiation of any contracted services.

What  REMEDY is right for you?

REMEDY Consulting - For Attorneys/Doctors/Educators/Organizations/Policymakers

REMEDY Education - For Parents/Guardians/Students

REMEDY Learning - For Students of All Ages

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